Our first loyalty and the reason we exist is to advance our players and our teams. What is in the best interests of our players and our teams? That question will be asked in everything that we do.

Every practice and year-long curriculum will be designed with the thought of what is in the best interests of the players and the teams. We will work to advance our players’ individual skills so that they can operate within a sophisticated and advanced team framework that, over time, will separate Sunrise teams from the competition.

But our loyalty extends beyond the players and the team, we will also look out for the parents paying the bills! We commit to the parents that we will be very careful in determining the leagues, tournaments, and events that the team participates in. We understand how hard you work for your money, and decisions will be made with this in mind.  Tournament selection will be based on these criteria (1) does it serve a legitimate purpose to help the team, (2) does it fill a gap in the schedule, and (3) does it make economic sense? The answer to these questions has to be “yes” in order to go. Of course, sometimes the answer might be subjective, and opinions might differ, but we will go through this process to eliminate needless expenses.

We will remain loyal to our players long after they leave Sunrise. We have done this from the beginning and are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have with our alumni. They know we are there to help them whenever we can.