We believe that a soccer club is about way more than soccer. Sunrise is a club with a select number of teams, where every player knows every player and every family knows every family.

More than soccer, we are in the friendship business. We want to build teams around a core of players that can become best friends as they have fun and battle through all of the good times and all of the tough times that competitive sports entail. Relationships that last a lifetime, that is what we will build.

More than soccer, we are in the memory business. All the crazy adventures, trips, tournaments, fun, friends. That is ultimately what Sunrise soccer is about, and that is what we are working to create – family, friends, and memories to last a lifetime.

No matter where they are, no matter when they played for us, this is a Club where it means something. There is a bond that binds all the different generations of Sunrise players. All of our players and alumni are proud to say they are all part of the Sunrise Nation.